Class testimonials

Lez’s sessions are not only deeply relaxing, once you’ve stretched every muscle you knew you had and a few others besides, but often fun as well. Lez’s teaching skills are exemplary; he really listens and watches every learner to ensure they have a safe yet fulfilling session and will always give ‘options’ for those that want to do more, or indeed less.
KeithE PGCE BSc (Hons)

I started practising Yoga at the beginning of Lez‘s teaching career, thinking that it would be a good way to stretch after a particularly hard exercise session the previous day.  Well it was, but as time went on other benefits were becoming apparent. Flexibility, core strength,leg strength (important to me as I ski) all improved, as did balance. Breathing techniques and relaxation are another aspect of our classes. You may ask,”learn to breathe” yes to control your breathing, to think of just ONE thing only, not so easy in our busy lives. Everyone benefits from the relaxation part of our practise, just time for you and at the end of our practise a great sense of well being. Why will I continue practising Yoga with Lez ? I want to improve, I enjoy the class and everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability. All our sessions are particularly well planned by Lez, and I couldn’t ask for a better all round teacher – Pat

I’ve been attending yoga classes with Lez for more than 10 years now – that must speak for itself. Every horse-rider should do yoga! – Sylvia

I have been a student of Lez’s for four years & from my first class have never looked backed. Lez is a natural born teacher & his sense of humour, knowledge & compassion always create a relaxed & enjoyable place to learn. For me, practising yoga with Lez has positively influenced & affected my mental, spiritual & physical well being. At the end of his class I am always totally relaxed & at peace. Namaste Denise

“The classes are structured to allow for the needs of all abilities (including real beginners like me!).  Lez focuses on safe and effective yoga that is appropriate to the range of abilities present in class.  In my case yoga has not only been great for my general well-being, but it has been especially good for my chronic back problems.  From this point of view, the fact that Lez knows how to balance humour with attention to safety has been particularly important!

Dr. Gabriel Palma
Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Economics,
Cambridge University”