As things develop we’ll be adding little extra goodies for you to download or tryout.

As our first offering, and in response to four years of hungry BWY Foundation Students we plan to pass on the the closely guarded secret of our soup recipes. To access the soup recipes press here or use the drop down menu at the top.

Meditation download РIn response to several requests I have recorded a 15 minute audio file which we will send to you on request. The opening states that the session is 10 minutes, but somehow I got carried away, and you cannot rush these things. Also please bear with us with any teething problems on the technology. I recorded this using Garageband and then exported the file to a MP3 format. Please let me know if you have any problems. To request the meditation download please complete the form below.

I also intend to add some  material for those who would like to know a bit more about Hatha Yoga along with a list of the books that have inspired me.

Other plans (in the not too distant future) include yoga clothing and some links to the music I use in classes.