I don’t believe that there is a better practice than yoga to both improve physical health and calm our very busy minds. For me it’s this quiet space that yoga creates that gives us time to pause and experience life in a more direct way.

There are many layers to the practice of yoga. The immediate one is the physicality of posture work, and this is the primary reason that new students often first come to class. Often they have stiff or aching joints, back problems or an underlying need to learn how to relax. Whatever their initial reasons the connection between how we breathe and how we experience our physical selves is just the beginning.

My job as a teacher is to facilitate a place where we can give ourselves permission to simply be; to do more by doing less. I think that this is a rare commodity. My intention in putting this website together is to offer a place to share thoughts and ideas as well as highlighting some stuff that I have found useful along the way. Whether that is via articles on specific yoga themes or offering products such as Zafu’s (meditation cushion) or even suggestions on music that students seem to like in class.

I teach and have taught yoga to a wide range of people; young and not so young, both flexible and stiff  and those with busy lives. A few can stand on one leg chanting but it’s rare. Mostly they laugh, breathe and smile at the end of the class.

Welcome to my website.